Energy Industry

Metal shim stock is a vital material in the energy industry as it transmits energy along power lines, facilitates nuclear energy, and provides structure. Shim stock is a thin precision stock metal that fabricators can cut and shape based on a project’s unique specifications. Some potential applications of shim stock in the energy industry include electrical insulation, space compensation, and thrust washers, among many others.


Shim Stock in the Energy Industry

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Shim Stock in the Energy Industry

Shim stock materials appear in many types of equipment and systems in the energy industry. Gearboxes, turbines, generators, motors, pumps, and compressors often utilize shims. Through the use of shims, organizations benefit from labor and cost reduction throughout the equipment’s life, including installation, retrofitting, and refurbishment. 

It is important to select the right shim stock material for your application to ensure that it will withstand the conditions in which it must operate. Shim stock is available in a range of metal materials, including:


  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is an iron steel that contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium in a passive corrosion-resistant layer, with the ability to add nickel and molybdenum for increased corrosion resistance. 
  • Carbon steel: Is a highly produced Iron steel known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and high strength.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum shim stock is highly conductive of heat and electricity, and it’s often used in applications that involve intricate forming due to its high weldability. It is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Copper: A highly formable metal that’s often used in transistors due to its thermal and electrical conductivity.
  • Bronze: Bronze shim stock is a corrosion-resistant metal that’s nonmagnetic and slightly stronger than brass or copper shim stock. It is often used in electronic connectors due to its high fatigue resistance.
  • Brass: Brass shim stock is a high-strength and electrically conductive metal used in many energy applications where corrosion is any issue. It is not tolerant of certain chemicals.
  • Grain-oriented stainless steel (GOES) & non-grain-oriented stainless steel (NGOES): Large transformers often use GOES or NGOES shim stock due to their superior magnetic properties. They transfer energy and electricity without heating up while stabilizing energy flow and reducing loss of energy consumption.



Shim stock offers several key benefits, including increased service life along with reduced maintenance requirements, saving you both money and time.

Two of the most commonly used materials include carbon and stainless steel shim stock sheets. Each of these materials offers unique benefits:

  • Stainless steel: Applications often use stainless steel shim stock for its corrosion resistance, durability and strength, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Carbon steel: The material properties of carbon steel shim stock feature high-strength capabilities that minimize the need for replacement due to regular wear and tear.


Applications of Shim Stock by Industry

Shim stock has many uses in the energy industry, with applications for various types of clean energy technologies. These industry applications include:

  • Oil & Gas Industry: Oil and gas components endure a tremendous amount of stress and require durable, corrosion-resistant shim stock to operate efficiently. Oil and gas applications include heat exchangers, structural components, gearboxes, and process equipment.
  • Electronic & EV: Automotive components and the bodies of automobiles are often constructed of shim stock materials due to their superior forming abilities and durability.
  • Solar & Renewable Energy: Wind turbine components and generators in solar panel systems and other renewable energy industry systems rely on shim stock due to its light weight and thermal conductivity.
  • Nuclear: Nuclear plants use shim stock to protect other materials from saltwater that could cause corrosion over time.


Shim Stock from Trinity Brand Industries

The energy industry frequently relies on shim stock materials to craft high-quality, durable energy components. If your application requires reliable, high-quality shim stock, Trinity Brand Industries, Inc. carries a wide variety of shim stock products to suit your needs. Our company’s consistent commitment to dependability, quality, and service has allowed us to be a leading supplier of shim stock and tool room maintenance products. We serve customers in the energy industry and many others, with thousands of customers across the globe.

We offer many types of shim stock products, including stainless steel 300 and 400 series, brass, titanium, bronze, copper, blue temper, carbon, and tool wrap shim stock rolls and flat sheets. We will help you find the right product for your application based on your specifications.

If you would like more information about our shim stock or other products and fabrication services, contact us today. To begin selecting the right shim stock materials for your application or to receive pricing information, request a quote for our shim stock flat sheet products at any time.