What is Stainless Steel Shim Stock?

Click to Expand Metal shims are thin pieces of metal used to fill gaps between surfaces, pieces of equipment, and fastenings. Shims come in a variety of forms, including circular washers and thin strips. Shim stock is metal sheet material that is manufactured at a pre-set thickness specifically for use in shims. It typically features […]

Benefits of Brass, Bronze, and Copper Shim Stock

Click to Expand Red metals earned their name from the unique reddish tint they possess. Copper is the foundation of the red metals as it can be used in its natural state and it can be alloyed to create the other two red metals — brass and bronze. Although these metals have a similar hue, […]

A Guide to Shim Stock

Many industrial tasks require precise positioning. In precision machining, for instance, both tooling and workpieces must be placed in exactly the right positions to achieve desired tolerances. These kinds of applications require shims—small strips of metal used to fill gaps between components to create a tighter fit or more level surface. Shims come in many […]